Markilux 5010 Retractable awning

Markilux 5010 Retractable Awning with Anthracite Cassette and Sensors

A Markilux 5010  Retractable Awning with Full Cassette in Anthracite and Sunsilk Fabric Pattern 32803. Featuring wind, sun and rain sensors that enable automatic extension or retraction of the awning according to weather conditions. It was installed in Northwood by our Watford branch!

The Markilux 5010 can be paired with up to 2 extra awnings providing a whoping 21 metres of shade, each with a ShadePlus and extended or retracted  by a simple push of a button! Optional ShadePlus vertical blind gives this awning the ability to provide shade even during a low sun.

This installation also featured the most advanced awning motor Somfy Sunea paired with handheld remotes and the weather sensors.

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