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Our Great Range of Awnings and Pergolas

We provide commercial solutions for businesses looking to expand their space onto their external settings by providing patio/balcony & free standing awnings as well as pergolas. All our awnings can be made to order and can be supplied with fabrics that can withstand water, wind & prolonged exposure to the sun meaning we can offer an effective solution no matter what the season.

Our commercial awnings are ideal for expanding space in;


These awnings will help you cater to more people visiting your business, which in turn expands your operating space and leads to more revenue generated.

Businesses are experiencing lower footfall during the COVID-19 era and our shading solutions such as awnings & pergolas will help maintain social distancing whilst helping you serve more people. Commercial awnings truly are an asset as opposed to a liability as they can also enhance the exterior profile of your business through the colours & signwriting possibilities available as well as the opportunity to serve more people, meaning this could pay the initial cost off in just a couple of years making this an investment worth your while.

Totally Customisable to Match your brand our Awnings/Pergolas can come in;

Range of Shading Systems to Suit Your Business
Selection of 250+ Fabric Patterns & Colours
Accessories, options & extras available

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Full Range of Pergolas & Modular Systems

Sizes stated are Max Width x Projection.
*Other options available - see the awning model page for more details

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