Erhardt Glass Rooms and Verandas

Fantastic glass extensions for your garden or patio, our range of Erhardt glass verandas and glass rooms gives you the best of both the indoors and outdoors. Whether you’re looking for a glorious garden sun room or a stunning glass roof extension, you’ll love our range of outdoor glass solutions.

We’ll build you the glass extension you’ve always dreamed of, so that you can enjoy your garden or patio a whole new way.
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We’ll build a Glass Outdoor Area for any garden or commercial setting that will impress your family & guests alike.

Erhardt Glass Veranda

Erhardt Glass Verandas

Length: 2.0m – 14.0m (25cm increments)
Max Projection: 1.0m-6.0m (25cm increments)
Support Spacing: Up to 7m without a 3rd support
Profile Heights: 100mm – 150mm
Options: LED Lighting/ Heating Accessories/ Cubic Rafters/ Vertical & Horizontal Awnings/ Integrated Gutters

Erhardt Glass Room

Erhardt Glass Rooms

See Verandas for core statistics
Glazing Thickness: 8mm – 10mm
Mitred Profiles with bonded corner connectors
Glass Doors Available in 2,3,4 or 5 Railed Sliding Designs
Options: LED Lighting/ Heating Accessories/ Glass Sliding Door/ Ventilation/ Vertical & Horizontal Awnings/ Integrated Gutters

Pergolas & Permanent Outdoor Shade Structures

Markilux Pergola Cubic

Markilux Pergola Cubic

Max Width: 6m (19’8″) or *5m (16’5″)
Max Projection: 4.5m (14’9″) or *6m (19’8″0
System: Tracfix cover guidance with lateral guide tracks on slim posts
Operation: Hard Wired Motor Optional: Silentec Motor, Radio-Controlled Motor
Options: LED-line/LED Sports, Shadeplus/Drop Valence, Wind Protection & Extra Privacy. Round or Square Posts, Telescopic Posts, Ballast Boxes, Coupled System

LouvreLux Louvered Pergola

LouvreLux Louvered Pergola

Widths: 3000mm or 3500mm
Depths: 3011, 3539, 4067 or 4947mm
System: Louvered Roof Pergola – panels rotation 120°
Operation: Manual or Automated
Features: Integrated Drainage, Aluminium Construction
Options: LED Line, IR Heaters

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