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Markilux Planet

A great freestanding awning for those hard to shade areas.

The Markilux Planet is a truly remarkable awning with the rotating version which can be rotated by up to 335 degrees, giving any users constant shade throughout the day even when the sun follows it’s natural cycle, great for tough to shade areas.

The fixed version is also ideal for areas where the sun is not as elusive & provides great cover in open areas. The folding arm technology that Markilux equip their awnings by provides outstanding practicality and functionality.


Max Width: 6m/6.1m (19’8″/20′) or *5m/5.1m (16’5″/16’9″)
Max Projection: 3m (9’10”) or *3.5m (11’6″)
System: Awning-cum-Parasol with One Awning
Operation: Depending on the Awning Model
Folding Arm: Depending on the Awning Model
Fixture Type: Freestanding on Concrete Foundations
Options: Depending on the Awning Model, Flex (335° pivoting), Shadeplus / Drop Valance, Base Plate Covers

Markilux planet awnings


Awnings combinations available with
Markilux Planet stand system

Sizes stated are Max Width x Projection.
*Other options available - see the awning model page for more details

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Markilux Syncra

If you prefer your awning to stand on
two feet and cover larger area, the Markilux Syncra is the solution

Markilux syncra awnings

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