What size awning should I purchase?

Just about all of our awnings are available is bespoke sizes so we would advise you to purchase the largest possible width, subject to restrictions the building may present. We recommend that the awning should extend beyond the edge of any windows each side by at least 220mm if sufficient space is available.

How do I know which material suits my budget?

We will be happy to discuss which material would suit you best along with the type of product at a competitive price.

What is the smallest width an Awning can be built to?

The width depends on projection and arm size. See individual products for details this table for a complete range of listings by model.

Does my awning have to be fitted at a standard height?

No, it can be fitted at any suitable height as long as this allows a minimum 10 degree fall so that the front edge is lower than the cassette allowing rainwater to run off easily. Fixing the awning higher allows a greater pitch than if located lower down the wall subject of course to the pitch variance achievable on that particular model.

What can be done if my guttering is in the way?

We use a wide range of standard and specially made heavy duty brackets to overcome obstructions such as guttering and down pipes. These brackets allow us to position the awning exactly where it is required. They are available in white or brown as standard to match the awning casing colour or can be specially ordered in a range of RAL colours.

Should we consider purchasing the motorised option?

Average sized awnings are easy to operate, however those larger than 4 metres wide can be difficult to retract manually in windy conditions due to the tension on the springs. For this reason and for the sake of convenience, it is much easier to simply push a button to open or close your awning. Motorisation also allows you to stop the awning at any point of opening or closing for ultimate control of light or shade all day long. They consume very little electricity, are very reliable and with the tubular motors being completely concealed within the cassette they are further protected from the elements, increasing their reliability.

What kind of power supply do I need?

Motorised awnings only draw around 3amps from a normal domestic 240 volt supply which is little more than a standard light bulb. However, on larger awnings with twin motors, the addition of lighting and possibly heating, the power requirements can increase three or four fold. We can advise you on the power requirements once the exact awning has been chosen but in any event it is very unlikely to exceed the power provided by a normal 13amp socket.

If I have more than one awning, do I need lots of different remote controls?

No, a single remote control can activate up to 4 awnings.

How long is the guarantee?
  • 5 years on the fabric
  • 5 years on the motors
  • 5 years on the framework and cassette
Can my awning be left out in the rain?

Yes, in light rain only unless we have installed an awning specifically designed for heavier wet weather use. Light rain will easily run off the front edge of the awning without a problem, but in heavy rain it sometimes has a tendency to pool if the pitch (slope angle) is not steep enough. This puts undue stress on the fixings and arms. Please remember, if you retract the awning when it is wet it must be opened to allow it to dry as soon as the rain has stopped.

What happens if I go out and accidentally leave my awning out and before I return high winds occur?

We can supply and fit a wind sensor, so that the awning will automatically retract if activated. We can also supply sun sensors that work in the opposite way.

Is it possible to automatically open the awning when it is sunny?

We can supply and fit a sun detector, so that the awning will automatically open when the sun shines. A lot of people choose this option to protect their furniture indoors from the bleaching effects of the sun. We do however strongly recommend that a wind sensor is fitted as well to protect the awning should the weather take a turn for the worse.

Would an awning be suitable for sheltering smokers?

Yes, it will help to protect them from the sun in very hot weather and will shelter them from showers. It makes the ideal smoking ban solution for pubs, restaurants and places of work.

When I put my awning away for the winter can I remove the front valance?

Yes. It’s a very quick and easy job to remove the front valance for winter. Once removed and dried it should be rolled-up and stored in a dry place until the spring/summer months.

What should I do in the winter months?

With Global warming becoming a reality you may be able to keep using the awning if it is warm enough for you outside!

Seriously, almost all of the awnings that we supply are fully cassette types which means that the fabric is enclosed in an aluminium casing and consequently, during the winter months if is not used, it won’t be exposed to harsh weather and damaging frost. The front valance should be removed and stored if really bad weather conditions are expected.

I’m going on holiday should I turn my awning power supply off?

No, the power supply should be left on but you can turn the sun detector off via your handset with the press of a button.

Can I fit the awning myself?

All of the professional range awnings sold by us can be made available for DIY installation if you wish. However, you should note the following: –

  • Awnings are heavy and always require at least 2 people to lift them into position on the building.
  • They need appropriate tools and proper access equipment to ensure safety during installation, especially when they are fitted high up.
  • They also contain very powerful springs which without proper understanding can be dangerous if handled incorrectly.
  • Most of our professional range awnings are only available in custom sizes, for your peace of mind they really need the detailed knowledge and accurate measuring that one of our trained representatives can provide.
  • We can only offer the above service as part of our supply and fit packages, so to cover the demand and avoid you making an expensive mistake with a custom made product, we offer a standard range of sizes for DIY installation.

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