Vertical Blind Types

Vertical blinds and awnings

Vertical blinds allow you to fully control both privacy and the amount of light coming through your windows. Effectively regulate heat and light and protect from UV rays with our external roller blinds. Mounted outside the windows and running directly down in front of windows to provide a comfortable indoor living space.

  • Shade – where you need it
  • Comforting coolness
  • Intelligent technology
  • Colours to cater for every taste
  • Energy saving via solar shading
  • Available in a round or square cassette

We offer four window shading options:

Vertical Blinds Markilux 710


Vertical Cassette Blinds and Awnings

  • The easiest way to get the right dose of sunlight
  • A reliable, sophisticated mechanism ensures problem-free installation
  • High-class materials and quality of workmanship guarantee durability
  • Practical details mean ensures you get an awning that suits your windows

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Droparm Markilux 730


  • Pleasant shading – but always sufficient light at the same time
  • The angled section of the drop-arm awning makes sure you always get it just right
  • Excellent technology
  • High-class materials and first-rate workmanship
  • Highly practical on the façade of your home
  • Possibility of completely covering every window

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Marquisolettes Markilux 745


The ideal combination: half vertical blind, half drop-arm awning

  • The marquisolette in a cassette with guide rails using innovative arm technology and gas pistons and very practical
  • A stylish combination of half vertical, half drop-arm awning
  • Functional, secure and attractive in appearance
  • Protection from light and heat
  • High-quality slide mechanism with optimised gas-primed pistons and windlock mechanism.

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Triangular Markilux 893


The triangular blind can be attached on the outside or inside; vertically, horizontally or at an angle – a special tensioning system always provides ideal cover tension.

  • Stylish shading solution
  • Possible to regulate light and shade flexibly on those “impossible” windows.
  • Powder-coated, Round aluminium cassette.
  • Special tensioning system with combined elastic and Kevlar belts plus gas pistons for perfect cover tension

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