Commercial Awning Solutions

Maximise your business’s outdoor areas all year around

Commercial canopy products offer protection from sun, wind and rain and providing excellent outdoor covered space and can be made to order for the best results.  Sun Awnings, Terrace covers and retractable roof systems can be used for all types of commercial applications including; pubs, hotels, restaurants, shops, schools and offices.

There are many reasons for purchasing a commercial shading solution and at Access Awnings we have many options to choose from to suit your intended use.

  • Protection from the elements
  • Maximising your trading areas
  • Promotion of your corporate branding

We have a weather protection solution for your business. Our trained manufacturer representatives will provide expert advice and a solution using impartial, factual and accurate advice. Please contact our team for more details.

Many of the awnings canopies in our domestic range serve a dual role in commercial sectors such as:

Awnings for Pubs and Restaurants

Never has it been more important for a busy, successful pub, cafe or restaurant to offer customers alternative, trendy, inviting, al fresco type drinking and eating facilities, and the Pergola is the perfect shading solution to create this space for your customers. More people than ever have taken to the European cafe culture in recent years and with our climate becoming increasingly warmer, and sometimes wetter, customers happily accept the opportunity of being seated underneath suitable covered areas to relax. The smoking ban too has forced many people outside into alternative but acceptable covered areas to smoke in comfort if they wish, without upsetting non-smokers.

Awnings for Shops and Offices

Awnings and Canopies perform two very important functions in shops and retail premises. First of all they help protect window displays from damaging ultraviolet rays and secondly allow the promotion of your business with logos and other wording printed onto the cover material and valance.

Awnings for Schools and Nurseries

Sun shading of various shapes and sizes have become increasingly popular in schools and nurseries to provide effective sun and rain protection for pupils, supervisors and parents.

Commercial Quality Awnings and Shading Systems

The quality of any product used commercially is of paramount importance with price more often than not coming second. The quality of all products sold by Access Awnings is such that they will never be built to a price, simply because durability and a long term in service are of the utmost importance to the manufacturer – making the products readily suited to the most arduous locations.

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